Postcard Research

It’s not difficult to bring to mind a postcard. In fact, I had two pinned on the wall surrounding my workstation…


The first is a card I picked up as a tourist in Sydney and the second is a Jack Teagle illustration called ‘Heroes’. Even this small selection highlights the scope of a postcard. There are so many different types of images and messages being portrayed and for a wide variety of audiences and purposes. The dictionary definition of a postcard is

A printed card with space on one side for an address and a postage stamp, used for sending a short message through the mail

Postcards often contain symbols that represent different locations, feelings, ideas and meanings. They are utilised a lot as a marketing tool and increasingly are exchanged/given as a gesture to express a sentiment (as an alternative to a greetings card) rather than sent in the mail. It is almost as though anything goes with a postcard and the only real constraint to work within is the size.

The following website gave me some inspiration and a jumping off point for beginning to design my own postcards:




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