Assignment 1 Feedback

My tutor’s feedback for my first assignment was very positive and this was a big confidence boost for me.

It was interesting that he suggested including more rejected or half finished ideas to my learning log and trying to tip the overall balance of it more towards the visual. I think this is important for me as I am concerned there is not yet enough depth to my design process and, being used to studying history, I naturally gravitate to explaining my thinking with words rather than visually – particularly in an academic setting. I am planning to work on this and take a drawing class to help develop my skills in communicating through art.

I do tend to be quite ambitious in my work and this can, at times, lead to frustration and exhaustion. It was good to hear that my tutor felt being ambitious could be advantageous and I think it will be most successful for me if I can develop a more relaxed and positive attitude to things not going exactly to plan. I am a perfectionist so this is hard for me and something I need to work on.

I agree that black can run the risk of deadening an image. I am fond of using black as a background because it can be strong and works well with most colours but I am a bit limited to it at the moment as I am not yet confident enough with the use of colour to try new combinations. I need to experiment with this and develop my knowledge of colour theory.

I have been keeping an eye on the OCA online forums and have joined an OCA visual communications Facebook group. I have also been in touch with another student whose blog I admired and it is interesting to talk to her. I think I need to make an effort to put my work out for critique and feedback from other OCA students as currently I am just showing my friends.


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