Learning to sketch

My biggest challenge so far has been sketching my ideas for each exercise and assignment. I have already developed an understanding of how useful it can be to visualise your ideas and how this can influence and help to positively develop my ideas and working practices but it’s not something I am used to and my sketching skills are limited. I generally would have an idea and then transfer immediately to working on the artwork in Illustrator or Photoshop – practically bypassing the sketching stage. When I tried to sketch my design ideas I found that my drawings were not good enough to communicate the vision in my head and I became frustrated. I shared my concerns with a friend at a party and she suggested taking a drawing class to see if that helped. I enrolled on a ‘five week beginners drawing class’ and have just taken the first class.

It was such a positive experience and I really think that it is going to help me with my studies. The teacher explained a bit about how we draw and how it is far more about looking, observing and connecting with the physical environment than it is about actual strokes on a page. This was interesting for me as I work primarily on the computer and often forgot to really look at what is around me.

We drew from real life and had a practice with using charcoal…. my first picture was a teapot.

We then drew some blocks stacked on top of one another – first from one position and then from another. This was really interesting as it highlighted the massive effect of perspective on a picture or layout. I struggled with the angles of the lines of my cubes and the teacher suggested that I was drawing too much from inside my head and not enough from looking and translating what I saw. She had a good point. My first cubes looked very cartoon like and geometric and, as a result, very unrealistic. Learning to rethink the angles totally changed my drawing and made it far more realistic.


My second attempt was more accurate from my first sketch and I was pleased with the process.



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