Assignment 2 -Critique of the Ideas

After visualising my ideas through sketches and mock-ups I took some time to ask friends for feedback on the designs so far and reflect myself on which ones I might choose for my final cards.

Well Done for Surviving the Commute:

I liked the concept of using the image of a mobile phone as, increasingly, this is one of the items you see commuters using most during their journey. Similarly, using emojis as a communication tool is often associated with a younger demographic who I would aim to be the target audience for this card. My concern was that it potentially wouldn’t immediately be eye-catching if it was in a standard display rack as the top third of the card is quite plain. My friends were keen on the concept of the pie-chart design but one comment was that it did leave a lot of white space which could make the design look quite amateurish. I like the concept but felt that in order to cater for the different varieties of commute it made the portions of the chart feel a bit disconnected.

World Autism Awareness Day:

Both designs that I had mocked up for the World Autism Awareness Day were popular with my friends. The layouts were balanced and the top thirds of the card invited interest. I felt that the ‘Let’s Talk About….’ card was the most effective for this as it poses a question to the audience that could only be answered by picking up the card and looking at it more closely. I thought the black and white background in contrast to the rainbow colours worked well on both cards and focussed attention on the main message of the cards. I was pleased this worked visually as it was a colour scheme I had generated from my mood board. My friend liked the jigsaw piece cut-out and felt it added dimension and an interesting twist to the card. The ‘Lets Talk About Autism’ card also appealed to me as the basic layout and design could be used to produce a whole series of cards for ‘World’ commemorative days.

Opening Night/Break a Leg:

The feedback for the ‘Opening Night CheckList’  was very positive and everyone felt it gave a great opportunity for humour. Visually though the bold simplicity of the theatre lights works well and appeals to the eye more. I did like the silhouetted line of lights but wasn’t convinced that with my current level of skill in Photoshop and Illustrator I could create the light effects necessary to make the card look vaguely professional. It was pointed out that unless you read the ‘Opening Night Checklist’ card you can’t automatically identify the message. I really liked the concept but agreed that my mock-up lacked visual identity and strength. I began to try and think of ways in which I could possibly combine some of my design ideas and went back to the earlier sketches. The make-up mirror was an iconic image and I thought could possibly work with the checklist.


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