Assignment 2 – Finishing My Artwork



As the text and illustration are the main elements of this card I decided to use Adobe Illustrator. I thought carefully about the features of the fonts I would need to use and decided that I wanted something that was quite informal and almost comic like which complemented the illustration of the children playing. ‘Let’s talk about….’ immediately lended itself to a handwritten type effect and I used a font called ‘Amyshandwriting’ which I downloaded from The bigger letters I created by outlining the font Janda Manatee and then filling with the colour. My colour palate was taken from the mood board I had created and I researched the CMYK values for a standard seven colour rainbow.

In order to outline the shape of the puzzle piece in the different colours I did some experiments with gradient fills and patterned brushes. The gradient fill worked most successfully.

My biggest challenge was the illustration for the inside of the card. I watched several tutorials for drawing and colouring cartoons and line drawings in illustrator and experimented with the tracing and Live Paint functions. I found that mapping out my design in my sketch book allowed me to work out where all the elements of the drawing needed to be I then scanned this in to act as a guide when I began drawing in illustrator.


I used the pencil tool and my wacom tablet to draw a vector illustration of my sketch and then coloured it using the Live Paint tool. The most complicated part was isolating the paths so that I was only colouring the shape of the puzzle piece. This took ages and I don’t think I’ve found the most effective method yet.



There were two main stages in producing this card. This first was to create the background of the mobile phone and I did this in Photoshop. It was a fairly simple process using shapes and then adding layer effects such as ‘Bevel and Emboss’ to add depth to the image. I didn’t want the phone to be identifiable with any specific model so used quite generic icons and colours.

The content of the text message itself was generated in Illustrator. I did some research about whether or not emojis are protected under copyright and read the following useful article.

It seems to be a complicated area and I decided that it would probably be best if I tried to create the emojis that I needed myself. I drew some sketches of possible designs and then drew and coloured the emojis using the Illustrator Pen tool.






For this card I wanted to try something a bit different. I have worked almost exclusively with generating designs in bold block colour with a straight pen stroke. I wanted the card to have a more hand drawn look and so once I had drawn the shapes in Illustrator with the Pen Tool I applied different artistic brushes to the stroke. I then turned my attention to the colour. Initially I tried Illustrator’s Scribble effects but to be honest, it just made the whole design look very messy. I then applied the watercolour filter which didn’t really make much of a difference.

I wasn’t really having much luck in Illustrator and so swapped to Photoshop to experiment with different brushes there. I found a great brush stroke which created an effect close to what I had envisioned and so I brought the outline of the drawing through from Illustrator and coloured it in photoshop using my wacom tablet. It was a very time consuming process though and I feel that there is probably a much easier way of doing it.

The checklist itself is meant to be handwritten so I chose the font ‘Dani’s Handwriting’ again from

I am not completely happy with the background of the mirror…. my first attempt looked too much like a blackboard and so I added a block colour layer and lowered the opacity of the brush stroked layer above it. My first attempt was too light and didn’t contrast enough with the colour of the mirror frame but the second was an improvement.


I still think it’s too uniform in its structure though and there is not enough contrast in the light and dark colours to look like a realistic reflection. I would defiantly like to go back and change this once my skills in Photoshop have improved.

Once I had finished the design I quickly coloured in my original outline with block colour to compare the difference.


My friends liked my ‘hand-drawn’ version better which was encouraging after having spent so much time on it but overall I don’t feel like I’ve gotten the effect quite right. I am pleased with the concept though and think some more practice in Adobe CC would help me create a better result visually.


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