Assignment 2 – The Brief

The brief for this assignment is to create a range of cards for sentiments or events that are worthy of a greetings card, but are not currently catered for by card manufacturers.

There needs to be at least three cards based on the dimensions of an envelope available to me and the design is for the cover and the message inside the card.


“greetings”, “Illustrated”, “folded”, “sentiments”, “celebrations”, “condolences”, “landmarks”, “not currently catered for”, “events”, “cover”, “message”, “dimensions”

It is easy to identify from the brief what would be a successful design outcome….. I am aiming to produce attractive, eye-catching and unique greetings cards which would celebrate or represent a more obscure event or personal landmark and would appeal to a consumer audience.

The brief does not, however, include more detailed specifics about design styles, target audience, and the aims and objectives of the client. Some of the things I need to consider when thinking about my creative solutions to this brief are:

  • Who would the target audience be?…. would it be the same for all of my cards?…. how would it affect my designs if the target audience is quite broad in terms of age or demographic?
  • What would be appropriate colour schemes and how would any potential illustrations or images work depending on the dimensions of the card?
  • Finding a good balance between choosing an event or sentiment not currently catered for but that would appeal to consumers and not be too obscure or remote.
  • What type of materials and media I would use to create the card…. would it be 100% digital? Would it be mixed media or include cut-outs or pop ups?
  • Where would it be displayed or sold and how would this affect style and size decisions.

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