Assignment 2 – Visualising My Ideas

Initially I had been keen for my cards to be part of a series but following my research was excited by so many of the ideas that I decided to create cards for three very different occasions. The three I chose were:

A Commemorative Day

First Night Of A Show/ Break a Leg card

Well Done for Surviving Your Commute

I have a personal connection to all three of these and that helped with starting my process of visualising design ideas. I made a list of several commemorative days including World Cancer Day, World Refugee Day and World Book Day but in the end decided to go for World Autism Awareness Day.

Before beginning with some initial sketches I made some mood boards for each theme including colour schemes and iconic images.




I decided to sketch four possible ideas for each card and then develop mock-ups of two.



I decided on a fairly standard portrait size for my cards (127mm by 178mm) as this seemed to work well with all of my ideas and seemed a sensible option in consideration of posting and displaying. It also fits in an A7 envelope.


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