A Visual Diary

This task required putting together a visual diary to document the visual world and showcase examples of visual language and designs that interested me. I decided to work on producing an electronic pinboard for designs and inspirations I found online and photographs and also a physical scrapbook for things I collected from and in the world around me.


When I reflect on my visual diary so far I am able to identify some common elements of visual language which are being used to convey emotion and communicate meaning. These include:

  • The use of bold hues
  • Monocramatic colour schemes
  • The use of symbolism, icons and typography
  • A preference for more linear styles of composition

My visual preference appears to be towards contrast…. I am drawn to designs that make use of complementary colours and movement. I like to be challenged visually and enjoy designs that create illusion, appearing to be one thing but actually throwing the eye open to seeing and interpreting in different directions too. The use of neutral black and white backgrounds with an accent colour is a strong theme through my collections and also in previous work I have created.

A significant number of the pieces I chose for my visual diary were communicating thoughts and concepts rather than promoting products or people…. and this gives the diary an overall lean towards a more illustrative style. However there are emerging themes of branding and infographics.

My preference falls towards more modern, fresh, dynamic and bold designs than traditional or a particular past era of design style. I have noticed that my influences, particularly in my electronic diary, are all computer generated graphics and I think moving forward it is important for me to explore visual language in other mediums more as well….. I plan to try and find more examples of design in the physical world around me and also mixed media art.


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