Seeing the Light

For this exercise I was asked to use the image of a light bulb, the word ‘light bulb’ and a block colour of my choice to create different designs that explore visual dynamics.

I chose an image of a light bulb and quite a bold, dark yellow for my colour as I wanted there to be contrast between the colour and the pale hues of the light bulb.

I decided to experiment with two fonts as I wanted to see what effect contrasting typefaces had on the composition. I chose Market Deco by Steve Ferrera and Janda Manatee Solid.


I started by sketching some designs in pencil….


I then transferred to working in Adobe Illustrator and made thumbnails of 20 different designs.


I approached this exercise thinking about adjusting two main variables in the compositions…. the size of the elements and layering. It was amazing to discover how many different ways three simple elements could be arranged and I found the ideas flowing quite easily. Initially I used capital letters for word ‘light bulb’ in each design but then tried mixing it up a bit by introducing lowercase letters too. This was useful as I realised that a different emphasis can be created in a design using type even if all the elements remain identical in place and size. It was interesting how different hierarchies and layers can change the style of a design – one of my designs reminded me very strongly of the Swedish furniture shop Ikea’s branding style while others looked more like a poster.


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