Assignment 3 – Colour Me Final Poster Development

For my final poster design I wanted to capture the essence of the colour Yellow and experiment with collage and mixed media. I made a list:

Yellow objects that represent Yellow’s qualities

  • Smiley Face
  • Star
  • Sunflower
  • Sun
  • Symbol for Hope
  • Energy Tattoo

I had spent much of the previous few days at the computer so I printed out some shapes of things from the above list and took myself out of the digital world. I used paper, fabric, buttons and coloured pencils to create a collage.


It was good to see how the physical colours combined together and gave me a sense of the vibrancy I wanted to achieve. I took myself back to the computer and recreated my collage in Illustrator. The coloured pencils had given me the idea of making the poster look like a colouring sheet which had been partially completed. I chose the Pantone Yellow and using generated a palette of its tints and shades


I wanted to try a completely monochromatic scheme with black and white and so swapped the purple background of my collage for a pale tint of Pantone Yellow. I found that to create enough contrast and visual interest I had to work with some much darker shades which was an interesting balancing act as they can be quite dull and give a dirty feel to a design if used too much.


I liked the design but I didn’t love it. Visually the shades and tints of the Yellow were working well together and the much darker shade (which looks almost grey) provided a good contrast but I couldn’t connect myself with it emotionally or easily identify what I was trying to communicate with the design. I tried playing around with the visual dynamics to see if that helped.


It was certainly interesting to see once again how changing the size and layering of the elements could have such a dramatic impact on the design. But I still wasn’t happy enough to submit one as my final poster.

I decided to do something very different and play with some photographs in Photoshop to experiment with colour filters and adjustments. I remembered a photo I had taken in Istanbul in a spice market that was a vibrant mix of yellows, oranges and browns. I decided to desaturate the main photos but retain the blocks of yellow colours.

I then took the same headshot of my friend that I had used when developing my ‘lemons’ poster and used colour balance this time to create a purple overlay rather than a hue/saturation adjustment layer.


Looking at the photo manipulation brought my mind back to the photomontage exercise and my original exploration of celebrating yellow by collage. I decided for my final poster I would try a Photomontage using the two photos I had just worked on and would include other elements from my previous posters.


I really liked how vibrant the design is and how the different elements connect the message with the colour yellow and its associations. It shows how using tints and shades within a monochromatic  scheme can create good contrast. The collage style forced me to consider size, typography, colour and layout carefully which solidified my understanding of visual dynamics.


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