Lorem Ipsum

This exercise involved using Lorem Ipsum dummy text to recreate the design and layout of two articles as closely as possible.

My first design was from a local information leaflet giving information about The Autism Spectrum. I scanned and printed the page I was looking to recreate and detailed some of the measurements for margins, columns and leading.


Both the heading and body text are sans serif typefaces. The columns are aligned left and the right hand side of the text is ragged. There is a 3mm gap between paragraphs of the main article and the text in the blue box and a 2mm gap in the smaller pink box. The paragraph text is not indented.

I used identifont.com to try and establish the identity of the body text and think that ‘Futura’ is the closest match. The main article is set at 9pt on 12.5 leading. The text in the blue box is 9pt on 12 leading and the pink box is 10pt on 11 leading. The subtitles are Futura bold set 12pt on 16 leading. I had more trouble finding the font for the heading text and in the end chose ‘Nymph’s Handwriting Regular’ as it had a similar quirky, irregular style.


My second design is a page from the March 2017 Computer Arts magazine.


The body text is a serif typeface in bold and regular. The small title header and footer is a sans serif as is the information about the picture. The three columns are aligned left and the right hand side of the text is ragged. There is no discernible gap between paragraphs of the main article but each paragraph is indented 4mm. The gap between each question/answer block is 8mm.

I chose Adobe Jenson Pro Regular for the body text and Bold for the questions. The text is set at 9pt but I had to adjust the leading from paragraph to paragraph to recreate an identical number of lines for each. It is between 10 and 10.5 throughout the document. I chose Gill Sans Light set 7pt on 8 leading for the picture description. The computer arts website is in Helvetica Light 7.5pt and the header at the top of the page is Futura Condensed Medium in 12pt and 8.5pt.


I found this exercise very frustrating and difficult. I really struggled to identify the exact fonts that were used and substituting with different ones meant that recreating the number of lines per column was problematic. If the fonts were too large or too small a pt size then it affected the layout of the paragraphs and created orphans and widows and sometimes unattractive spacing in the rag. Changing the leading affected the overall balance of the designs and if it was too tight made the text less readable. If you were to change the alignment from left to middle for the body text it would look too much like a heading.




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