Research Point – Logos

Logo design is extremely important as it often acts as a first impression of a company. The key element to a successful logo is recognition and second to that is its memorability. Colour and font choice are critical design elements to target the intended audience and create a brand that can be instantly called to mind through the emotions and associations raised by the unique qualities of the logo.

I spent some time researching logo design. I created a Pintrest board of examples of different types of logo and then focused on looking at some of the more famous, instantly recognisable logos of multi-national organisations to see how the design elements worked.

I made some notes on some of the defining features of these successful logos


I then found a useful infographic that acted as a visual summary



The following article by Hilda Morones was also extremely interesting and discusses the different types of logo design and the features which make each one suitable for different projects. 


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