The French Hen

This exercise asked me to develop some ideas for a logo for a cafe/wine bar called ‘The French Hen’. The bar will be located near the city centre and the target market is younger women and sophisticated young men. The logo will be used for menu covers, the outside signage, a window detail, staff t-shirts, … Continue reading The French Hen


Chance Housing Association

This exercise focuses on developing a brand image for a housing association company. I need to develop a typographical logo that can be used on letterheads, a business card and a newspaper advertisement. The keywords that I can identify from the brief are: First time buyers Brand image Different Modern Helpful Welcoming Young people Reproducible … Continue reading Chance Housing Association

Giving Information

This exercise asked me to find some examples of information graphics and examine the way they are designed and what decisions the designer made. I then needed to create a graphic that described my immediate surroundings. The Oxford Dictionary describes an infographic simply as “a visual image, such as a chart or diagram, used to … Continue reading Giving Information